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About NUDEcnc

Hello there,

I’m Arek and I am CNC CAD-CAM designer, also a creator, inventor, and a dreamer. 

Privately I am a father of two boys and I am pleased to say that currently me and my wife are expecting our 3rd child - a girl this time ;) I enjoy spending free time with my family, in the past me and my wife were a bit of Adrenaline junkies. Some of that old drive I think is still left in me, as I love snowboarding, kitesurfing if I find a spare second. My wife and I decided that once the children appeared motorbikes were out of the discussion...

My goal is to create extraordinary products and to introduce modern engineering to people. I am a passionate person, who few years ago opened a YouTube channel to share my knowledge about CNC machining with others.

More about me and my projects you can find on my Youtube Channel

Arek's Kingdom

I have an aerospace and oil industry background and knowledge in hardware and programming, all of which helped me to come up with several products.

A carbon fibre suspension for remote control cars, a 1- key keyboard, 3 – key keyboard ( featured by Linus Tech Tips) in cooperation with Techkeys, and an aluminium keyboard (widely discussed on Geehack forum)

My first successful video about machining comes up first on the list after searing 

4 axis cnc milling” and it has 815k views 


In 2014 I started my company called NUDEcnc out of the demand from friends and acquaintances for bespoke pieces and a habitual desire to create and innovate! 
Throughout this time, I have developed many projects for example for the computer industry, remote control cars and robotics. 

I have focused on developing Ncore - waterblock and after many up and downs I finally produced the best cooling waterblock that you can purchase on my website.

Ncore is a CPU waterblock designed for naked die cooling, with unique ”in socket” mounting system.

The independent tests have proven Ncore’s superiority over other designs available on the market  

Up to 10% to the best delidded solution (re-DELIDDED CPU - liquid metal TIM - IHS - waterblock)  

Up to 38% to non- delidded (non-DELIDDED CPU - IHS - waterblock)

Ncore waterblock cooling graph

The graph shows ΔT( CPU package temp minus water temp) to Vcore. Tested on Intel i7 6700k, @4500 MHz, D5 Pump running 100%, water temperature 30°C

Currently I produce 2 types of waterblocks: 

➡️ Ncore V1 is supporting the LGA1151 socket and it is designed for delidded CPUs only.

➡️ Ncore V1D can be installed on a delidded and non- delidded CPUs, as it includes an installation bracket, which is also a delidder.

My Ncore waterblock became a reality after we've run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. I'd like to thank you all backers for the support. 

Please stay tuned as I'm working on new projects. Please follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my Youtube Channel



What's the story about Ncore waterblock?

The Nlap - a lapping tool for your CPU LGA 1151

The Best Waterblock in the World - Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Our Customers Think:

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